Cold Cold Rain

In the first few wisps of morn 

while dreams still hold my eyes

your name lingers on my lips

and I reach out for you

but the room is cold

and I’ve grown old

watching from windows

for a break in the rain

I remember a time

 I said I didn’t love you

 but I lied

I remember my sharp words

like wicked daggers

straight through your heart

like a stone

and how the look of surprise

in your blue blue eyes

changed from loving me

to hatred

by then it was too late

I’d made my mistake

and my world had grown so cold

It was a lifetime ago

though it plays in my mind

like an endless lonely dream

Drip by drip

Drop by drop

and we’re back on that street

and I said what I couldn’t


I will never forget

and I’m torn with regret

When I left you in the cold cold rain

by Strawberryindigo.

This was written in response to Penny Coho’s Writing Challenge: Unrequited Love
It is a work of mostly fiction.

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