Take a chance

and dance to the beat

of a different drummer

Put on a happy tune

and move

even if it’s only in your living room

just dance away your cares

It’s easy…

Get Inspired!

♦ Notable novelty and fad dances ♦

Achy Breaky Heart–Agadoo–The Alligator–Algorithm March–Batusi–Bomba–The Bump–Bunny Hop–The Cabbage Patch–Carioca–The Carlton Dance–Cha Cha Slide–Chicken Dance–The Chicken Walk–Chicken Noodle Soup–Cotton-Eyed Joe–Crank That–The Creep–Cupid Shuffle–Do the Bartman–Dougie–Electric Slide–The Fly–The Freddy–The Frug–The Grizzly Bear–Gangnam Style–The Hammer–Hitch hike–Hokey Pokey– Hokey-cokey–Okey-cokey–Hully Gully–The Humpty Dance–The Hunch–Hustle–Jerk–Jerkin’–Jump On It–The Ketchup Song–Laffy Taffy–Lambada–Lean Back–Lean wit it, Rock wit it–Limbo–The Loco-Motion–Locomia–Macarena–Mashed Potato–Madison–The Meatstick–Monkey–The Moonwalk–Muscle–Oops Upside Your Head–Peanut Butter Jelly Time–Pee-wee Herman dance–Pony–The Roger Rabbit–The Running Man–The Safety Dance–Saturday Night–Shimmy–Shoulder Lean–Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)–The Smurf–Stanky Leg–Suzie Q–Thizzle Dance–Thunder Clap–Time Warp–Tragedy–The Twist–The Urkel–Voguing–Walk It Out–Watusi–YMCA–

Come on get up off the couch and dance!

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Or at least check out the following;

Wheelchair Dancing

Jumping at the Woodside (A must see…WOW)

Cheek to Cheek:  (Astaire and Rogers at their best)

Let’s Dance by David Bowie

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8 thoughts on “DANCE

  1. There is a dance step I can’t find in your list.It is called the Makossa Dance.It is danced by the Francophones in Africa.Good dance step I would say.Great photos.
    I would dance too,common,lets gooooo!!!:)

    • Hi Gunta: I love that song! It is one of those songs that has a certain atmosphere to it. I pretend sometimes that I am that long cool woman but really I’m rather short but I like to think of myself as cool and you can’t go wrong with that basic black dress… 😉

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