The Greens of Childhood Summer

greens of summer trees

Atop a hill amid swaths of soft green silky grass

Amid days of endless summer

I lie arms outstretched to the world

The gentle breeze blows my hair

and caresses my face like a lost love

 The sky is a deep blue cerulean

framed by puffy clouds, the whitest of white

Oh how they enchant me with a soft parade of pictures

blue skies with puffy white clouds

I am once again a child of wonder

and the lively Earth is my playground

Forever skipping, jumping, running

in flowered fields of delight

Kissing buttercups and sipping dew by the full moon

I am complete and whole

finding my rest in the boughs of tall trees

high atop a hill

flanked by swaths of soft green silky grass


greens of summer 2



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15 thoughts on “The Greens of Childhood Summer

    • Hi Cathy, This nice stretch of weather we are having is inspiring…I spent a lot of time outdoors as a child and those feelings of carefree happiness and innocence I carry with me deep inside. Beautiful days in late spring bring those feelings to the forefront. So very happy you enjoyed it. 🙂

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