Travel Theme: When Paths Intersect


There are many varied pathways in life leading to a multitude of directions with endless combinations…full of unique moments that pass like a river. A river is a path that flows. Life flows like a river.

It is in constant motion, it’s path ever in search of somewhere. Life is a journey and we each walk our own path in our own way. It is when these paths intersect the results can be most auspicious….and this can lead to something quite beautiful…

Here’s to interesting paths! I hope you find one today. Often I find the most interesting paths are ones that have yet to be taken…


 life is a journey path

This has been in response to ( Ailsa’s) Where’s My Backpack Photo challenge: PATHWAYS:

There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.” 



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Travel theme: Pathways (

Travel Theme: Pathways (

Travel Theme: Pathways (


22 thoughts on “Travel Theme: When Paths Intersect

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  3. I think your eyes are wonderful at finding inspiration. I love photos of paths, and your last photo is one that I would love to walk. Your words flow beautifully with your photos!

  4. I particularly love that last photo because it looks so vague and void.For me,it takes courage and determination to venture into that which we don’t know the end as we can’t see the end of the road from that last photo.And understand Nancy, that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege .Use it and dwell in possibility. 🙂

  5. Pathways, even the word itself brings to mind more than just an ordinary trail doesn’t it, in a most delightful way. I enjoyed your words and your photographs … and your paths very much! Thank you, Penny 🙂

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      • You’re giving me ideas. They have a funky (misspelled and homemade) sign for goose and duck crossing in Bandon. I see the geese and ducks crossing there quite often. Getting them to line up just right with the sign is another matter altogether. 😦

        • Hey Gunta! How fun…These birds have personality. It is such an event to see them. I have yet to see them use the crossing but I have seen them trying to cross sans sign I was watching with delight as the cars were forced to stop until the four Canada Geese made it to the other side of a busy street.

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