N a r c i s s u s

by Strawberryindigo.

In Greek legend Narcissus was a beautiful youth caused to pine

away for love of his own image and was transformed into a

Narcissus, the beautiful flower that we know today. 

Narcissus are otherwise known as daffodils and they are a

delight. Their cheerful

trumpet faces usher in Spring with a gusto and reliability that

makes them

 one of my favorites of this fresh season.  Versatile and easy-going

 Narcissus is the perfect companions for other Spring flowers such as

tulips and hyacinth.  There are over 30,000 cultivars of this perfect spring

 bulb.  One of its best aspects is that it produces offsets; tiny offspring that

 are divided and replanted once every 3 or so years.  I have been

replanting the offsets of a rectangular planter filled with a variety

 including Trumpets, Poets, Dutch yellows and Dwarf Narcissus for the

 last few years, spreading their bright yellow and white varieties of

sunshine around here and there, just in the right places providing a more

naturalized woodland look. Beautiful and economical this brilliant shot of

 color brightens the darkened corners of my garden during this cool and

rainy March.



16 thoughts on “Narcissus

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    • Hello Maggie, I call them daffodils too but narcissus seemed better for the post. I have this seemingly unconscious desire for yellow flowers which I never realised until recently that I have more yellow flowers in my yard than of any other color. Nice to see you, I must stop by and pay you a visit soon. You are an amazing photographer! Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. Great photos. I just picked my first batch today. I look forward to the first bloom of daffodils every spring. They brighten my spirit!

    • Hi Ohio! How wonderful. What a happy flower to bring inside. I love to cut flowers and enjoy their beauty inside, I don’t have enough yet to part with too many. Thanks for dropping by. You are a spirit brightener for sure. 🙂

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