Mario the magnificent

Mario the


By Strawberryindigo.

◊  ◊  ◊

Mario the magnificent:  King of the beasts

and mighty hunter of the backyard.

Mario the brave will stand up to any threat,

leaf and twig alike.  He will fight flies and

even small moths.  If you are a bird or a

 squirrel, you better watch out because

Mario will stare you down with his yellow

 eyes and meow at you feverishly.

Mario is magnificent not only for his hunting

prowess and his obvious sleek physique but

 for his brain as well.  Mario is an avid

reader with a penchant for bird-watching

 and classic American literature.

A true Mother natures son, Mario spends

 much of his time

studying the flora and fauna of the great

 wilds of the garden.  Mario is quite

 the explorer and is always ready to leave for

 an impromptu adventure.

Mario is one of the greatest thinkers of his


He is often found pondering the mysteries of

 the universe and giving rousing

 and riveting lectures on the beauty of string

 theory to his many devotees and students.


A cat extraordinaire

Brave and true

lover of Salmon and fine dining

An artist, a poet

and my furry friend.



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