Tree city

T r e e    c i t y

by Strawberryindigo.

“A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under whose shade they will never sit.”

**Greek saying**

 ♦    ♦    ♦ 

The  Beautiful  Benefits  of 

 Urban  Trees

One mature tree produces in one season

 enough oxygen for ten people

to breathe for an entire year.

The shade provided by trees cools hot city

 air by cutting temperatures

up to 20 degrees.

Trees help clean the air, absorbing

monoxide, carbon dioxide,

nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

Trees help reduce erosion and run-off by

filtering and retaining water.

Urban trees attract consumers and tourists

 in business districts.

Trees raise property values.

The presence of trees and other natural

greenery reduces stress and feelings of


Urban trees help foster a sense of


Trees make people happy and happy people

 make for happy cities. 


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