Travel theme: Green GREEN

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Green is life. Trees and water by SBI

There are more different shades of green than any other color. It is the color of newness and abundance. Green is the color of life, it is all around us.  It enlivens and inspires. Green is luscious and lovely. It is a color so beloved that I have featured it twice already.


GREEN~Weekly Photo Challenge from 11-17-12


GREEN is the subject of this week’s travel theme photo challenge.

green trees firs

“When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy, And the dimpling stream runs laughing by; When the air does laugh with our merry wit, And the green hill laughs with the noise of it.”

Lord Byron

green ivy trees and ferns in sunrise

Travel Theme: Green (

Guatemalan Green (

Travel Theme – Green (

Travel Theme: Green (

Travel Theme: Green:) (

Travel theme – Green (


19 thoughts on “Travel theme: Green GREEN

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  2. My very favorite color is Black. Before our birth here, and after our death it all seems BLACK. May be that’s why black allures me. Other colors don’t stay in my mind. Of course I have great respect for other people’s taste of colors. Here it is all green. I accept green is the color of prosperity and abundance! Thanks for the photos.

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