Travel Theme: Bridges (The Hawthorne Bridge)

Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon

The Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon is a truss bridge with a vertical lift that spans the Willamette River. It is the oldest vertical-lift bridge in operation in the United States and it is the busiest bicycle and transit bridge in Oregon with over 8,000 cyclists and 800 buses (carrying about 17,400 riders everyday)

Hawthorne Bridge across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

Some may say it’s ugly but I think it’s ruggedly handsome especially for being over 100 years old. It does it’s job and what more can you ask for?  So very Portland.

Also so very Portland: This interesting bridge was named after Dr. J.C. Hawthorne, the co-founder of Portland’s first mental hospital. The Movie: “The Hunted” was filmed here in 2003. It is slippery when wet, and many Portlanders get emotional about this bridge, perhaps it is all their tears making the bridge wet or then again…it could be all the rain we get here.

So if you ever land here in Portland, take a trip across this bridge, why not? It’s free. If you do make it to this fantastic town, look me up and I’ll let you buy me a Chai Latte and I’ll entertain you with a bunch of crazy nonsense that streams in from my demented brain.



Under the steel bridge

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