Travel Theme: Toward the Mountains of Madness

Behind the You think? Bus. It's a beautiful day in Portland!

Behind the You think? bus. It’s a beautiful day in Portland!

Living in the Pacific Northwest, sunshine in February is a true rarity so when that shiny orb reared its glorious head and covered up the usual gray, MM and I decided to take advantage of this event and hopped in the car which we call the donkey and headed out for a drive:  Destination unknown.

MM's hand and fellow motorists

MM’s hand and fellow motorists

We picked a main thoroughfare and just kept going and going. We left the city proper, past the outskirted suburbs of urban sprawl and hit the land of the few and the far between.

Happy tree in the sun

Happy tree in the sun

The sun was bright and our spirits were high when the image plopped itself in front of us and just hovered like the picture perfect postcard pic that screams; take my picture!  It was a mountain, dear Mt. Hood to be exact and it’s snow-cappedness looked so perfect and so close it was as if one could just reach out and touch it.

YES! Let's go mountain chasing!

YES! Let’s go mountain chasing!

I asked MM to stop so I could snap a few shots when he suggested we chase that mountain as far as we could and perhaps if we went fast enough we just might catch it. I am generally up for this sort of useless nonsense. I immediately shouted a vibrant Yes!  And away we went, me in my indigo coat snapping pics along the way documenting our foolishness and MM wearing a grin as wide as the endless sky. Mt. Hood is a beautiful and popular spot and it is about 50 miles away from our town of Portland, Oregon but it seemed so much closer than it actually was.

The mountain is obscured by the roadsign...UGH!

The mountain is obscured by the roadsign…UGH!

So we keep driving and driving toward the mountain and madness, I wish my little Costco camera could have captured that wonderful mountain better but alas this was not to be, but I did get some fantastic road pictures and we had a wonderful time pretending to chase the mountain for a few more miles before we decided we had enough and turned back toward civilization and a pair of matching Chai Lattes.

A pair of Chai Lattes-- YAY!
A pair of Chai Lattes– YAY!

One day we will go all the way up the mountain but for now this slice of madness was enough…

Have a good one,


English: Mt. Hood Looking South with Mt. Jeffe...

Mt. Hood. Credit: Wikipedia

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  4. What a cheerful post, Strawberryindigo! That sunshine is uplifting (and the Chai Lattes look pretty good too!). Hope you get lots more sunshine next week too! 😀

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