Travel theme: Gaudy

GAUDY: Showy in a tasteless or vulgar way

 flashy, garish, gimcrack, tawdry, trashy, brassy, cheap, loud, meretricious, tacky, tatty

tasteless – lacking aesthetic or social taste

gaudy window display 2

Live and let live I say!

Have a good one,


 gaudy festive house by SBI

Travel Theme: Gaudy (

Travel Theme: Gaudy (

Travel Theme – Gaudy (

Gaudy – Ailsa’s WTT (

Travel Theme: Gaudy (

Travel theme: Gaudy (

Travel Theme: Gaudy (

2-8-13 Travel Theme Gaudy (Barcelona Version) (

Travel Theme: Gaudy (

Travel theme: Gaudy (


12 thoughts on “Travel theme: Gaudy

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    • Hey Gunta, I’m probably not less judgemental than you, I just pretend to be…haha. I figured out quite quickly that although I see tacky things all the time, I don’t take pictures of them. The Christmas display is my neighbor’s, you should see his yard on other holidays…

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