The Peace Garden

The Peace Garden

Peace garden in winter by SBI

I walk alone along the contemplative path that leads to the frozen lake. Past the still flowing stream, partially clogged with winter debris. The air is cold and my toes are too. The path is slick so I watch my steps.  Thoughts of seasons past, flutter through my mind; the welcoming warm sun of last spring that gave away to the bright and lively summer where this place served as a cool refuge from that season’s hot blazing sun.  I think of the deep beauty of autumn and the how its jeweled leaves did shine in the afternoon sun. The maple is bare now; how better to observe and appreciate it’s twisty and curvy structure.

Peace garden's Japanese Maple in winter by SBI

Winter is a time of reflection here. It is very still and quiet. Ice has formed around the edges of the pond. I gaze down at the frosty ground and scan the bare limbs of the trees, looking for signs of Spring. I find none.

There are a few other adventurous souls who cross my path now and again, we nod a polite hello, each of us keeping a silent reverence for the peaceful surroundings…and peaceful it is, especially in winter.  This gives my mind a chance to wander as my body does too, along the winding paths and tall pines that flag my way.

peace garden pine by SBI

I think of how peace is so much more than the absence of war.  I think of how much peace is needed in this world and how it is a yearning for so many. I feel a union with these gentle souls, it’s as if we are all here together walking these paths.

I feel blessed to have such a place to retreat to; this Garden of Peace…it does such good for the soul.

Peace to you my friends,


The peace garden's winter stream by SBI

“The Peace Garden has been a part of The Grotto’s upper level since 1989 because of a generous gift from Henry J. Casey in memory of his sister Marguerite. The Peace Garden covers one and half acres.”

From The Grotto website

peace garden sign

This post is this month’s contribution to BLOGGERS FOR PEACE. An exciting movement started by Kozo of Everyday Gurus. There are quite a few of us “Blogging for Peace” and we all would love you to join us!  All that is asked is that you use your talents and devote at least one post a month to the subject of peace. Last month I wrote a poem for peace on my other blog “My Life in Color“. I plan on alternating my monthly posts; this month here, next month there. With perhaps a few extras thrown in…

All the details you need to know are on a site devoted to this wonderful cause. You can find it here. So please consider it and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

bloggers forpeace6

Click to join!

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give: share peace on your blog (

B4 Peace: Peace Begins Within You! (

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32 thoughts on “The Peace Garden

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  8. There is definitely peace in this garden, strawberryindigo. Just goes to prove that peace is natural. Love the picture of the great-grandfather tree. Makes me want to {{{Hug}}} it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful walk with us. Love, Kozo

    • Hey Kozo! I have a special fondness for that tree and I will be sure to hug it for you next time I visit, which is quite often. What a wonderous and beautful soul you have. Tree hugging is so rewarding, it is amazing! Thanks for spreading the peace, my friend. 🙂

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