Dreams and Rainsong

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” 

~Bob Marley

Nightsky view by SBI

…..The wanderings of a half awake imagination….

~by SBI

The rain pitter-patters against the lonely street…making its own music…echoing through the narrows of my soggy brick courtyard…I sit under a large bay window…strewn in an unladylike haphazard fashion…lying atop a sea of comfortable pillows…it is dusk and I watch out of half-lidded eyes the light slipping away and the darkness creeping in ever so slowly…it is cozy and warm in my subterranean chamber….and I feel fortunate to be inside on such a night as this…while absentmindingly feeling the soft satin of the pillows with my hands…fingertips outlining the perfect ridges of silken stars…I feel the chill air cascade down and whisper sweet nothings into my ear…as the trees sway to the melodies of night…and I am slowly lulled to sleep and colorful dreams…

Credit: Public Domain

Credit: Public Domain

Rain sounds (youtube.com)

Rain by The Beatles (youtube.com)

Rain Quotes (brainyquote.com)

Radical Randomness (momentswithmillie.wordpress.com)


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