The Long Gray Wait

“All great achievements require time.”

~Maya Angelou~

The Long Gray Wait

gray skies out my back door

Skies of gray

Solemn, stoic

Frigid and unforgiving

Stark and stone cold sober

Imposing, thick and oppressive

Stretched over my tiny world like a cruel canvas

I yearn for Spring

And the warm rays of the sun

As I stay huddled inside

Waiting by windows for time to pass…


…and while I’m waiting, so I won’t be completely depressing…please take a gander at the following:

Fresh flowering tree of spring

 Daisy 22

AHHHHHH! That’s better.  😀

Wishing you a dreamy day!


bright flowers red rhody in sunlight

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (

Gray Days (

Gray Skies (

EnVoi’s Motivational Mondays by Jade (

Maya Angelou // a thought for year’s end (

Taking time away (


17 thoughts on “The Long Gray Wait

  1. Our day today once again looks like your first photo… gray, foggy, drizzly and depressing. Your words describe it all too well. The spring and summer photos on your post are the perfect for antidote for winter gray.

    • Thanks Janet: I get moody this time of year…reflective and somewhat depressed but I fight fight fight those blues, or should I say grays away… 😉 Spring is just around the corner…well, sort of….at least it is in my imagination.

      • I used to eat my breakfast and read the paper in front of a light box every winter morning to combat the winter depression. It worked. Now that I can walk the dog after the sun rises, instead of in the dark before work, I don’t need to use the light box. But if this gray foggy drizzly cloudy rainy weather continues, I might have to drag it out again.

        • Hi Janet: I’ve heard of lightboxes…and I’ve considered getting one. When the $ starts rolling in perhaps I’ll get one. Your endosement is enough for me. When I first wake up I turn on the lights in the house to get my circadian rhythms going and at night I make sure I sleep in a very dark room…..ugh, I just wish Spring would hurry up…I’m always like this…gaining weight too–oh well I need to keep warm, haha. I hope everything is well with you my friend.

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