Travel theme: Transportation

I usually try to post attractive photos in this blog but today I am taking an exception. Let’s just say that these pics remind me that life is beautiful…and precious.

car into bus stop 2

This is the bus stop my kids use to catch the bus to school on most weekday mornings…luckily for us this happened on a Saturday morning and luckily no one was there at the time…

car into bus  stop 3

The driver who plowed right into the bus shelter seemed remarkably unphased, laughing and joking to someone on her phone. I’m glad no one was hurt.   I guess they don’t make cars like they used to or bus shelters either.

car into bus  stop 4

Bus Crash

Bus Crash (Photo credit: Seattleye)

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18 thoughts on “Travel theme: Transportation

  1. What a reminder that we live in more daily danger from outright stupidity than from outright evil. I applaud you for not slapping her when you saw her laughing about it. And I am glad to hear that no innocent user of the bus stop was hurt.

    • Hi Cathy: I don’t know. I thought she was a drunken leftover from Friday night but she was sober, the cop was there and didn’t take her away….it floored me. At first I was stunned but after a while I became angry. Circumstances in the world brought the gratefulness back home to me.

  2. Wow! Close calls like that are kind of creepy. But how wonderful that the kids weren’t there when it happened. She probably crashed because she was too busy on her phone.

    • Hi Gunta: I woyldn’t be surprised. At first I was concerned for her and once I found out she was OK and no one was hurt and after I realised my kids could have been there on a different day…I started to think and became angry at her foolishness. I hope Tri-met (the bus agency) re-builds the shelter, only a bench so far…no one has money for that sort of thing at this time.

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