circle sunset

Life is a perfect circle encompassing birth and death and everything in between. Circles are an intrinsic part of nature, a theme that is played out again and again. Our planet is a circle, a perfect circle–a big beautiful blue marble that hangs as if by magic in the cold and lonely depths of space. It is our home and our love and dependance on this circle is a commonality that holds us together. A hug is also a perfect circle that surrounds the huggers in love. If we humans would embrace that perfect circle of a hug a little more in this world I think it would make this orb of ours a better place.

So do your part and give a hug, get a hug, become part of a bigger picture; a circle of love that holds us all.

circle of love sara and me

The big blue marble that is our home.

The big blue marble that is our home.

Travel Theme: Circles (

Travel Theme – Circles (

Travel theme: Circles (

Travel Theme: Circles (

Travel theme: Circles (

Travel Theme: Circles (

Travel Theme: Circles (


19 thoughts on “Travel Theme: CIRCLES OF LOVE

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  3. I read something about Stonehenge recently, and how scientists have adjusted their estimates for its age – another circle, which I was reminded of when reading your post. 😀 Hugs to you Strawberryindigo!

  4. Love your concept of circles. I just recently watched something where it showed how difficult it actually was to catch the perfect shot of our big blue marble…. most pictures you see of it are made up of composites. I think the one you included was one of the few shots that was a perfect snap that caught the earth in the right position where the camera was far enough away (on the moon?) and it wasn’t in the shadow of the moon… fascinating stuff.

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