Travel Theme: (LIQUID) Cold November Rain

 “Into each life some rain must fall.”


Water condensed from atmospheric vapor and falling in drops. A fall of such water in the 11th month of the year; November Rain.

“…So never mind the darkness we still can find a way
Nothin’ lasts forever even cold November Rain…”

Liquid in sheets and buckets pelt these gray streets like hellions…tormenting me and raining on my parade…I curse this liquid that falls from the sky…and hope for a break in the torrent…so I can go out for supplies…chocolate and books on gardening…I will keep dry under my raincoat…I will brave the cold rain…Rain like an endless thunder…rain that flows in streams down the sidewalk…rain in my face…and the chill of November on my windswept edges…

Travel Theme: Liquid (

Travel Theme: Liquid. (

Travel Theme: Liquid (

Travel Theme – Liquid (

 NOVEMBER RAIN video by Guns & Roses (you tube)

Water Bottle Fills Itself From the Air ( 

Frozen in time: The pictures that reveal what happens when ice forms on a single droplet of water (


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