Travel to a MYSTICAL magical land created by the inner recesses of a restless and unrealistic mind.

A place of enchanted forests of deep green, winding streams of contemplative waters and purple mountains of the misty variety that reach high into the bright sky of cerulean.

The sun laughs and the cool breeze whispers sweet nothings to the swaying trees as you make your way down through a thicket into a lively meadow of tall grass and lofty ambitions.

Sit under a giant maple that speaks of the wisdom of dreams as the birdsong of the forest gently lulls you to sleep….and dreams….

MYSTICAL is this week’s theme in the Travel Theme Photo Challenge put on by Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack.

Get mystical and join in on the fun!

It's quite overcast here in Johannesburg (Sout...

Johannesburg (South Africa) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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