Tulips and sexy speculative bubbles

The Tulip

Dependable and dynamic, tulips are a classically beautiful addition to any Spring garden.

Of all the Spring flowers, to me, tulips truly represent the season best.

They come in a wide range of varieties and colors.

The tulip with its graceful shape; slender but curved. It is almost an erotic shape.  In fact, it is quite an attractive flower.  One could even call this flower sexy…

Tulips are certainly a popular flower with a long history.  Brought to Europe from Turkey in 1593 the tulip found its way to Holland where Dutch bulb growers bred and cross-bred the original varieties.  The novelty of this new and exotic flower made it a greatly sought after commodity and prices rose.  Everyone began to deal in bulbs, essentially speculating on the tulip market, which at the time seemed to have no ends or limits.    It became a mania and a perfect example of a speculative bubble.  Prices had risen out of control and the market had lost all sense of reality and it was not an accurate reflection of the true value of a tulip bulb. As to everything else there is an end to these bubbles, someone sells and a domino effect of progressively lower and lower prices takes place, causing a panic and prompting investors to sell, sell, sell at any price.
The government stepped in to no avail and no one emerged unscathed from the crash. Holland was plunged deep into a depression. The effects of the tulip craze left the Dutch very hesitant about speculative ventures for quite some time.

…but you know some people never learn…


Dreaming about Spring in rainy Oregon…



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18 thoughts on “Tulips and sexy speculative bubbles

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  3. I’m assuming you’ve read Pollan’s book “Botany of Desire”… but if you haven’t he does a marvelous job of covering this topic. I’m kind of enjoying this initial bit of stormy weather we’re having, but I know I’ll be sick of it before long. That first shot of the tulip is so fantastic and vibrant.

    • Hi Gunta: Yes I have read it. I read the apple chapter twice. It is one of my all time favorite books, obviously I have been influenced by it and all his books really. I have read every one. He has a way of explaining things that make them more interesting.

      Enjoy the storms Gunta…You brave soul…I can see you there….out on the beach camera in hand…shooting fantastic shots of the storm…. 😉
      no really, stay inside, have a cup of warm tea and just watch…

      Thanks for liking the tulip, I needed the red…

      • I’m generally too lazy to be out there braving the storms, unless I have to go to Bandon for other reasons. Today the sun is shining brightly here with big white fluffy clouds floating by. I’m tempted to run out to the beach, but have to go again tomorrow, so undecided for now. I think I love our changeable weather best. I get bored with too much sun or rain and want a change.
        Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of lots of stuff to be thankful for!

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