Atop an Extinct Volcano: Mount Tabor Park

Enjoying the view at Portland’s Mount Tabor Park.

A strange and desperate urge came over me and I felt the need to get high and go higher than high and what better place to get high than atop an extinct volcano?!

Mount Tabor Park, one of Portland’s most unusual parks, sits on an extinct volcanic butte. It’s 196 acres are filled with native plants and tall pine trees.  There are numerous walking trails and curving walkways including a long flight of stairs that takes you higher and higher into the park to the very top where you are rewarded with panoramic views of the city.

This popular park is also one of the best birding spots in the city because it’s a refuge for both nesting
birds and migrating neo-tropical songbirds.

Besides having a beautiful view Mount Tabor offers basketball and tennis courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, an amphitheater and even a soap-box derby course that is still used for annual races.

Tell them the squirrel sent you…   😉


Mount Tabor Reservoir

Mount Tabor Reservoir (Photo credit: kundalini)

Only a few more steps to the top (

Mount Tabor Soap Box Derby 2012 video  (you tube)


Mt. Tabor Park  (Portland Parks & Recreation)

Mt. Tabor Park (

Visit a volcano  (


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