Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry–The Meditation Chapel


The Meditation Chapel

  An impressive piece of architecture–The Meditation Chapel sits atop a 130-foot rock cliff on the face of Rocky Butte in Portland, Oregon.  This award-winning building is made of polished granite and glass. The panoramic view is incredible. One can see the Columbia River and Mt St. Helens and on a very clear day, Mt. Rainier.

This is one of my favorite spots in which to contemplate.  I admire this building’s simplicity; It’s distinct geometric shape is pleasing to the eye. It takes a structure of a certain beauty and character to blend in so well in such a natural setting as a botanical garden.


from Google images


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry–The Meditation Chapel

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  6. That’s an amazing building. The first thing I noticed was the shadows of the surrounding trees. It looks very impressive from below too. I bet that view really is lovely with snow! Beautiful photos Strawberryindigo! 😀

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