Travel Theme: SPOOKY Spookiness


We are walking down a dreary lane deep into a mystic dark wood. The air is moist and thick with fear, shadows dance in the treetops and the howling winds mock our every step…tension runs high just as the scary music begins to make itself known in the background…this is  SPOOKY huh?

I know you are frightened. I know I’m frightened but we must continue…

YOU are so brave…

See that cabin…it’s just like a cabin straight out of one of those films…those SPOOKY films, I won’t mention any details…

too spooky…

AHA!!!  Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the woods…


A Blurry photo of a scary tree with a witch face…oh my….


I could go on you know. I could mention cannibals and zombies and headless horsemen. I could amuse and delight you with terrifyingly SPOOKY tales of monsters and boogeymen and all those things that go bump in the night and all the strange events that occur in these very SPOOKY woods at night.

BOO!!! again

I could surprise you with a hungry dinosaur on the attack…

But none of that is really spooky…what scares me is how at this time of year I am bombarded with these haute bags of “fun” size candy that taunt and tease me at the grocery store as I am trying to buy healthy food for my family! They call out to me “Nancy, Come eat us, we are deliciously chocolate.”  “We are so small we practically have no calories…”

The first couple of weeks I can say no with not much of a problem, but after a while I  crack and begin to buy what will be countless bags of tiny chocolate bars which I will guiltily consume late at night when everyone is asleep.

I eat through the bags and then I am forced to buy more bags. The cycle repeats itself until Halloween when I must go out and buy more just in time for the cute little trick-or-treaters .

Is this a conspiracy by the government or The Hershey Corporation? I don’t know, but somebody’s getting richer while I spend all my hard-earned cash on chocolate and pants with elastic waistbands…

…alas such is life…

Have a superbly SPOOKY day!


15 thoughts on “Travel Theme: SPOOKY Spookiness

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  4. Well, that tree really IS a bit spooky, but the way the chocolates just jump into the shopping trolley of their own accord is even spookier! (I know you didn’t pick them up Strawberryindigo, you were MADE to buy them by some spooky external force…) 😉 By the way, the pumpkin is just too cute to be spooky… or is that a fake smile…? Happy Halloween!

    • Cathy: It is amazing how much you know. Yes, those chocolates did jump into the “shopping trolley” as you so delightfully put it. I must say that this phenomena is nothing to laugh at…I have a feeling this will happen again…today, I predict several bags of chocolates will jump in…don’t you think this frightens me?! 😉

      Don’t be taken in by the warm smiles of Jack o lanterns this time of year…be careful. and Hapy Halloween to you too! Are you dressing up or do you do that sort of thing? We are supposed to have a lot of rain and wind here so I may wimp out and stay home and greet the kiddies…

      • Halloween hasn’t really caught on here… a very little ghost came to my door one year asking for sweeties, and when I asked if he was all alone he assured me that his Mummy was waiting round the corner! 😀 Hope you have a fun day, whatever you do! (And if you go shopping, watch those spooky chocolates – they’re on a mission to be bought and eaten by tonight! 😉 )

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