Travel Theme: Animals (Polar Bear)

Dedicated to MM

My favorite animal at the zoo hands down is the polar bear. Polar bears are the strong and silent wanderers of the arctic. They not only exist in the frozen and barren lands of the north, they thrive. Polar bears are fierce and relentless hunters anything that moves on the ice is prey, those bears don’t miss a beat.

Of course these bears at the zoo have never had to hunt and probably have never even been to the arctic but they seem happy to me.

These bears are blatant show-offs and like to flaunt their swimming prowess to zoo visitors.  I admire them for that. it takes a certain kind of finesse to pull that off without looking cheap and tawdry

They look very soft and cuddly to me but I know that if I tried to hug on it would probably eat me for lunch…so I will admire these great and wonderous animals from a distance.

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polar bear

polar bear (Photo credit: Cloudtail)

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13 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Animals (Polar Bear)

  1. I love this bear portrait! I am just silly ga-ga over polar bears. When I had an office /cubicle, the wall were covered in polar bear images. I hope someday I’ll be able to go to Churchill during the polar bear migration and see them in the wild.

  2. They look soft and cuddly but I’m scared of wild animals.Prefer birds and sea animals.Admire them from afar please to prevent them satisfying their hunger.hahaha!!!

  3. What impact will Shell’s plans to drill for black gold in the Arctic circle have on Polar bears. Given Shells track record I suspect it will be shoot on sight

    • Hi hjfoley: The bears already have enough to worry about with everything else….
      I suspect you are correct about Shell but then again maybe instead of shooting those majestic creatures they’ll pay them all a tidy sum to relocate, perhaps somewhere nice and tropical. 😉

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