Travel theme: Lovely Foliage

Oh what a lovely season…Oh what lovely foliage!

Stunning golds and scarlet reds, electric oranges, deep bronze and bright fuchsia combine with the lush green of the land and the warm honey glow of the autumn light. This never fails to inspire me.

The mornings are especially lovely. The air is crisp and cool and the dappled sunlight creates shadows that caress the street and give it a deepened sense of drama. Whereas the mornings are cool, the afternoons are toasty warm, never too hot, just right like a cup of smooth Jasmine tea.

I love to walk the tree-lined streets of my neighborhood. Colorful leaves crunch under my feet. The October sky of cerulean beams a brilliant contrast to the brightly beautiful ever-changing foliage.

Let’s sit awhile and enjoy. 

Life is good!


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12 thoughts on “Travel theme: Lovely Foliage

  1. That’s a great travel theme this week – and you have done it justice again Strawberryindigo! Those golden leaves are beautiful – second to last photo. Is it a kind of maple? I love this time of year too!

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