Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy Sedum

I have admired this lovely plant from afar as I have yet to plant this popular and drought tolerant perennial in my yard. There are plans in the works but I am not altogether certain of anything at this point: I am only at the research stage. That is very like me; I like to look before I leap. It is a bad habit that came from reality slipping into my life and forcing me to slow down and think.

I enjoy thinking and I enjoy learning. I don’t know which I prefer, to me they are intertwined. So as I started leaping around to various sites around the web, I learned something interesting: it seems not everyone can agree on Autumn Joy Sedum. Almost everyone had a different take on this beautiful flowering plant.

So I present to you what I believe to be Autumn Joy Sedum.Β  It is a lovely plant but some sites say it is called Autumn Charm. Whatever it is, it certainly is a charming plant that could bring joy to someone’s Autumn.

It must also be nectar rich because it attracts butterflies and bees.



16 thoughts on “Autumn Joy

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  3. I so so agree with you about the sedum ‘Autumn Joy’. Thought of mentioning it in my article on “Fall Fascination” but was focusing mainly on foliage, and so many gardeners don’t care for sedums. I don’t understand this because it’s a great plant for borders and any kind of mixed planting, especially in informal style gardens. Thanks for posting the lovely pics.

    • Hi Gardenezile: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I don’t know why more gardeners don’t like sedums. They are so versitile and hardy…I don’t end up killing them which is an added plus and they grow slowly so they never take over.

    • Hi Gunta: I like your attitude! Whenever I visit the coast I do so much beachwalking my family thinks I’m nuts…haha but I am , so they are right.

      I love your new Gravatar—It’s so purple and so beachy and beautiful like you. I love the Gull…looks friendly! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, my friend. I consider myself so fortunate to be able to go for walks on the beach at least once a week, often more than that. Nothing nuts about it.

        It was definitely time for a new Gravatar. The old one was definitely too bratty. Now that I have that out of my system, I’ll go for the friendly gull! Hope you get to walk on the beach again soon.

  4. Beautiful light in those photos – both charming and joyful, but I prefer the name Autumn Joy! I love sedums – the first plants to sprout in spring, and the last to flower. And so undemanding! Thanks for the mention, Strawberryindigo. πŸ˜€

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