Introducing SERENDIPTY 13


A “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.


I was born on the 13th and consider it my lucky number. I also just quite like it. It’s odd, a bit out of favor, perhaps misunderstood. A misfit of sorts…just my type.

Serendipity 13 is place where magic is real if you only believe, colors have personalities and living life artfully is it’s best reward.

A photo blog once called Pictures in Living Color has gone rogue and turned itself into the playground of my wildly creative inner child. Here there are no rules and expect the unexpected.

Life is ever flowing, ever-changing.  It is always in motion.  Each moment is unique unto itself and can never be relived or duplicated.
I will attempt to record some of these moments in images, accompanied by words and ideas all with my own unique spin.


This is an 100% All Organic Strawberryindigo production.

Serendipity (
 13 (

13 thoughts on “Introducing SERENDIPTY 13

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  2. Wow! It’s a fabulous fresh new look, with all that blue sky in the background! Really like it! The word “serendipity” is simply lovely too. By the way, I live at house number 13, as does my sister and my 100-year-old neighbour… so it must be a good number! 😉

    • Hi Cathy: Thanks. I never liked the previous name…it always bothered me.
      I love the fact that your address is 13…how lucky! and your sister and neighbor as well! This confirms my feelings about the number. 🙂

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