Weekly photo challenge: I am a Free Spirit

I am a free spirit

Blowing whatever which way

Carried by the wind

Inspired by endless summer days

A child of forever

In this moment in time

Open and smiling

The Universe is mine!

Wishing you a day full of freedom and happiness…


…and while you are still here, feel free to…


27 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: I am a Free Spirit

  1. Strawberry….I love your photo! A perfect free spirit and such a gorgeous background of sea and sky! And your poem is beautiful! Combined they make a fabulous choice for the challenge! Thanks for the ping too. 😉

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    • YES! Gunta, I totally agree. You are lucky to live so close to the sea….Even I am lucky to live so close
      ( as in a hour away)
      Some people never experience the ocean in their lifetimes. 🙂
      Have a great weekend!!

      • I missed the ocean terribly the 14 years we lived in Utah. i can’t imagine being away from it again for any length of time.
        Wishing you a wonderful weekend, too. Pretty soon the beaches should start quieting down again. 🙂 You’ll need to make a visit soonest!

        • Hi Gunta: I know. If I don’t get to the ocean every once in a while I really start to miss it…Things are looking up and hopefully some traveling will be in my future….it’s been a little over a year and it’s getting to me. The coast is my families #1 destination. 🙂

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