Urban Beasties

In the deep dark urban forest they call Portland, Oregon is where the wild ones are; fierce beasties that roam the streets, parks and yards, innocent as they may look…WATCH OUT!  These creatures are wild at heart and totally unpredictable.

I, Strawberryindigo risked life and limb to bring you these shots, braving these urban beasties in the wilds of the city.

(Please do not try this at home)

…And so without further ado, I present for your bemusement…

U R B A N   B E A S T I E S

Fierce RACCOONS invading my yard to eat my Strawberries!


SPOT, The neighbors cat. A frequent visitor, looking guilty for some reason…  hmm

THE ORANGE CAT, another frequent visitor…Just look how dangerous he looks…

AHHHH!!!   Scary pink plastic FLAMINGOES attacking someone’s front yard!

CANADIAN GEESE at the local High School.

  Illegal aliens trying to pervert young American minds with their strange foreign ways.

Mean looking CHICKENS with sharp beaks behind fences

SQUIRRELS with bad attitudes and horrible manners

….and just when you thought it was save to go back into the backyard….IT’S BAAAACK…



16 thoughts on “Urban Beasties

    • HI Frizztext: It is surprising how big raccoons can get…I can’t imagine a plague of them. Yikes! Say Hello back to your cat, I am always seeking conversations with cats…they can be quite wise at times and are full of great ideas. My cat napped all day in the yard; how smart is that?
      Thanks for your comments, I’m glad you enjoyed the gallery. 🙂

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