Travel theme: FLOWERS

I have been traveling around my neighborhood in Portland.  Taking in the exotic

sites, trying new sensations and learning and growing from the whole experience.  I

have been appreciating life from the other side of the fence; the neighbor’s fence.  My

neighbors have really been stepping it up and bathing the neighborhood in beautiful

flowers. Some are taking out lawns to plant flowers and edibles. My imagination can

take me anywhere but a few neighborly flowers to enjoy along the way makes it all the

much better. 

Thanks for the inspiration!



“All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make

them so.”

Joseph Joubert


21 thoughts on “Travel theme: FLOWERS

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  2. Hello there,
    Yellow roses were my dad’s favorite flowers. He’s gone now as is my mom and sadly, my younger brother too. They all loved flowers, like I do. It’s hard to think of a comment to post that doesn’t amount to saying: “Lovely images. Thanks so much for sharing them.” (even when it’s heartfelt).

    • Hi Timethief: I love yellow roses too. I think it’s nice that you can have that connection to your family in such a lovely way. My Dad has just recently passed on and I will always associate green carnations with him. I think it’s important to have these connections. Thanks for commenting, it means a lot.

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