Travel Theme: FOOD (Made With Love)

Ailsa from Where’s My Backpack has been putting on a weekly photo challenge these last few weeks or so. It is officially called “Travel Theme” but since I don’t have a lot of travel photos in my recent archives, I have been posting photos from my city of Portland, Oregon.

This week’s subject is food and when I think of good food I think of my mother’s jam made with love from the raspberries in her garden.

Lillian’s Lovely Raspberry Jam

Deliciously tasty.

Bright and beautiful.

Naturally sweet and artfully crafted 

from juicy red raspberries

Hand-picked at their peak

Delectable, delightful and made with LOVE

My Mom has been making this jam for years (Strawberry too) and it just gets better and better every year.  I and everyone who have been lucky enough to receive a jar or two have all agreed that it is the best jam that we have ever tasted.

She has just made a new batch and I am in berry heaven…


37 thoughts on “Travel Theme: FOOD (Made With Love)

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  5. when my son was small he was allergic to many foods…raspberries was one of the few fruits he could eat…it is still one of his all time favourites and when he comes home during the season i always try to have some for him

  6. Those raspberries look gorgeous – I have discovered I love raspbberries this year. (Was never keen on them till now!) Beautiful photos again. 😀

    • Hey Cathy: Thanks….and the raspberries thank you…they were looking in the mirror just before the photo shoot and lamenting how fat they looked. I told them that they look great and they are naturally fat free. 😉
      I’m glad you like raspberries now, perhaps you can make something yummy with them sometime….(hint hint) and then send me some… 😉

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