Travel Theme: Ocean: PACIFIC BLUE


I have always been drawn to the ocean. The roar of the surf, the sand. The giant sky that reaches out into forever.  It is a primal feeling this attachment to the sea.  I stare out into the bright blue Pacific and feel part of a bigger whole.  The ocean is ever evolving, changing and flowing , just like life…just like me.

It is here I feel the earth breathe as waves crash the beach. I jump up to greet each one. The wind whips through my hair and I taste the salty air on my tongue.

I am but a small speck on an endless sea, riding the waves of life, taking it all in and enjoying the hell out of it.


“The Ocean is a large drop; the drop, a small ocean.”

**Ralph Waldo Emerson**


11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Ocean: PACIFIC BLUE

  1. I’m right there with you, strawberryindigo, there is something primal about man’s relationship with the ocean. I can never go for too long without taking time out to just sit by the ocean and breathe. Lovely shots. xx

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