The Soggy Garden Blues

Pink petals everywhere

The Japanese Maples lay heavy, burdened with a million water droplets. They hang wet and sullen over the soggy flower beds.  All that remains of the tulips are bare stems and the smattering of petals littered all over the upcoming summer phlox.

A windy rainstorm during the night came and battered the blossom out of the neighbor’s beautiful Cherry Blossoms.  The sidewalk and street are now awash in a sea of slippery wet pink.

The grass is growing like a weed and so are all the weeds. It’s all a soggy mess and I have the soggy gardener blues.

And so while I sit by the window and wait for the sun, let’s look at some shots of better days captured earlier this season.  🙂

Lemon yellow tulips


Star Magnolia

orange Tulips

Hoping it is nice where you are,




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