Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER (The Ducks at Firwood Lake)

TOGETHER:  The Ducks at Firwood Lake

Some of my most treasured memories are of visiting the ducks at Firwood Lake at Laurelhurst Park in my hometown, Portland, Oregon.  Firwood Lake is one of the most popular spots in the park.  The reason is probably the ducks.  About 100 ducks live here together with thousands of fish and a smattering of sun-seeking turtles.

According to neighborhood lore during the park’s early years, the pond was patrolled by a white swan named General Pershing (for his militant attitude). He forbade anyone to approach the edge of the lakeshore. In later years a black-beaked, black-toed swan named Big Boy was promoted to the post.  I believe I remember this duck when I was just a small strawberryindigo and I remember feeding a group of ducks including this big black one and everything was going great until I ran out of breadcrumbs and Mr. Big Boy started honking at me, I guess in frustration maybe in greeting but it seemed like anger to me and I ran away as fast as my little 7-year-old legs could carry me.

I have many happy memories of this place, first as a child myself and later with my own children.  And it is this sort of memory I hold the most dear.   Time spent together with friends and family enjoying and appreciating nature and passing that love to the next generation.

Have a wonderful day!




15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER (The Ducks at Firwood Lake)

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  6. Beautiful photos, Strawberry. I love the ducks with their backsides up in the air! How cute! Fetching dinner!
    Great interpretation of the theme. And thanks for the ping back!

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