Spring Blossoms

 Spring Blossoms

By strawberryindigo

I walk among the spring blossoms on a bright blue Sunday morning on the chill side of April on the street where I live.  The air is clean and crisp. The skies and trees are filled with birds of various varieties chirping and tweeting and singing sweetly. Like them I am alive and electric.

There is a spring in my step and I am in love with life.

The delicate dewy scent of freshness intoxicates my senses and I drink it all in.  Soft pink petals fall like gentle snow caressing the edges of green and coloring the street below a stunning blush pink.

I can think of no better time of year than this.

Cherry Blossom


3 thoughts on “Spring Blossoms

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  2. Wonderful photos! I have never seen such a large Pieris japonica. Ours are all very small and don’t always bloom. Thanks for sharing those blossoms!

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