Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged Colors

A r r a n g e d

By Strawberryindigo.

Typically I do not stage photos, instead I try to capture those moments in life that are spontaneous.  I like to take advantge of whatever is already there.

I do no arranging whatsoever, so I thought in order to embrace this theme fully I must arrange something myself…..and so I present:

*****C  O  L  O  R  S*****


32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged Colors

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  11. This is great! Nice angle for composition, nice capture of the reflection and fantastic color!! I thought I was going to have trouble with this challenge for the same reason – I like to capture moments and nature, not necessarily ‘arrangements’. However, when I went through some archived photos from the last 3-4 months I found that apparently I also take photos of things that have been arranged. lol!

    • Hello Find Focus: I learned from this photo challenge. For me nature is easy. It is already beautiful, staging something so different. Thank you for the amazing comment. I must stop by sometime soon to see what you have come up with. It must be good because you sound like you know what you are doing. Thanks so much. 🙂

  12. You always do such a great job on your photos.My granddaughter whos is now 8 and thinks she is 16 would love all that nail polish. I will be sure to show her your post.

    • Hello Ohio! Nice to see you. Girls just love that stuff. My 14 year old daughter has just started to polish her nails and loves it. Don’t let that granddaughter of yours grow up too fast. Most kids are in too much of a hurry to do that. thanks for the kind words!

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    • Hi Cathy, Yes they are. since I spend so much time with my hands in dirt and dishes and whatnot. I confine my polishing to my toes and my teenage daughter uses the colors a lot more. I had no idea I had so much. It’s cheap polish $2.00 a bottle. Thanks for stopping by, it’s always nice to see you. 🙂

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