Weekly Photo Challenge: Down


“Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll meet them on your way down.”

Wilson Mizner

I imagine someone looking DOWN on me from above and wondering….

Who is that fool and why is she taking a picture of this stupid building I work in.” 

I know that whoever could look DOWN

would look DOWN and think me very small …

And how everyone looks like tiny ants DOWN there

I mean down here.

I am but one ant 

But my heart is as big as the world.



8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

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  5. It most definitely is! Your thoughts, images and words inspire thought and contemplation while wrapping us in blanket of your warm and human ability to communicate and relate. Thank you Strawberryindigo for this beautiful perception; it allows for ‘perspective’. Your heart is necessary in this world, as are you! Luv ya’

    • Hey Frank. It is nice of you to visit my photoblog. It’s great to see you! This is where my inner child gets to play. Thank you for your always positive comments, I appreciate your kindness to me. 🙂

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