Beautifully Blue

Beautifully Blue

By Strawberryindigo. 

Brilliant Beautiful Blue

*****AS BIG AS LIFE *****

Blue is a brand new day 

It’s the hopeful color of new beginnings

Blue is the color of quiet elegance, of dignity and honor.

Blue has a subtle understated beauty

Blue is refined

It never needs to declare itself


Is the color of the deep blue sea

And the endless summer sky 

Blue is serene

♦ It is the most peaceful of colors ♦

Beautiful blue is the color of daydreams

And happy memories

Blue is one of the most beloved of colors.


It’s a cool shot of hope 

◊ Blue is honest ◊

 sometimes a bit reflective

and melancholy

But it’s also deep and true

Blissfully Beautiful

♦  B l u e  ♦


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