Baby, it’s cold outside

Baby, it’s cold outside


As the dreaded season rears its ugly head, I think, oh

 no…not again.  It always comes this time of

year…that bitch, the one I call winter.  I have never

been fond of Winter, even as a child.  While all the

other kids would play in the snow I would wander

around staring at that cold frozen whiteness;  wide eyed and silent

 I would survey the scene in awe-struck

 terror like a victim of a major weather

trauma.   I’m a weather wimp and I’ve always been.

These days I watch it all from the window.  Where I

am nice and warm and thankful.  These photos were

snapped earlier this winter during a mini cold snap.

Baby, it’s cold outside. 

BRRRRRR… I’m off for a warm cup of tea….

Have a wonderful day



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