Dreams of Spring

Dreams of Spring

A forever spring

Lingers in my imagination

Tickling my senses

And brightening the darkened corners

 of my dreams.


It doesn’t take much for spring fever to bloom in me. Spring has always been my favorite season. It is a special time of the year full of possibilities and new beginnings.

As long as I remember I have been attracted to the natural world. Since the first time I planted some flower seeds at the age of four I was hooked.  Watching the miracle of life sprout right in front of my eyes is a truly satisfying experience that nourishes my soul.

Gardening is like magic to me and as the growing season approaches a growing sense of excitement takes over and consumes my thoughts.

I start to make plans, ambitious ones that usually take more than one season to accomplish. I’m a dreamer and I am always dreaming up my perfect fairytale garden that changes with the years, ever evolving from one beautiful form to the next.

So dream away and I will too….until next time,



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