A glittering jewel in the city

A glittering jewel in the middle of the city, 

Laurelhurst Park is a outstanding example of an old

 fashioned neighborhood park.

Surrounded by busy streets and winding roads

This park is so much more than just a park

Here among the curving paths and lush tall pines

There is an air of hopefulness that radiates.

I have taken many walks here.

This is a special place for me

full of happy memories.

I first came here as a child

and fell in love with its elegant but wild beauty.

I spent much time here

alone with my thoughts.

It is here that I learned to appreciate nature

 and life in all its forms.

It is here that my children learned that too.

In the middle of the park lies 

Firwood Lake

I call it Laurelhurst pond

 It is the crown jewel  and a main destination spot

for most visitors.


 The ducks enjoy the limelight

 And we enjoy them.

They love to show off

their duck dives

This is one of my most favorite places in the world

Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

Have A Beautiful Day.



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