Weekly Photo Challenge: There Goes My Neighborhood

Neighborhood clouds and trees

This week’s photo challenge is quite a challenge and I am afraid too much of one for me so I will have to adapt the theme and stretch it a bit.  I am probably the only one on the planet with such a phone as mine;  my phone is not smart…in fact it is a dumb phone so dumb that it doesn’t know how to take the simplest of pictures.  So as I set out to do this challenge it is with my regular camera.

There is another stretch coming but this one in my opinion is advantageous because it gives me a chance to show you not the neighborhood I live in, but the neighborhood of my new workplace.

my neighborhood the workplace

After many years of working out of my home office, fate has granted me the opportunity to procure a normal job outside of the home like most people. It happens to be quite a distance from my home neighborhood but since I will be spending so much time here now I suppose this will be my home away from home.

my neighborhood beaverton

While I live in the city, this  place is the sprawl of modern-day suburbia outside my funky town of Portland. This place does however have a personality all its own.  It is called Beaverton, apparently because at some point in the past this filled in marshy playground was once home to beavers. Today it is full of mushy fields, offices and giant half filled parking lots.   We shall endeavor to carry on and make a go of this new and strange land. I will be using my breaks and lunches to explore this place and you can if you choose, travel with me in spirit…

my neighborhood more signs of spring

Consider me the suburban explorer…wish me luck…


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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: There Goes My Neighborhood

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  5. I think this is a great way to join your new life and your blogging life, as well as find the serendipity in your new surroundings. And I like seeing where you are now spending your days.

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  8. That last photo is really pretty. Hey, congratulations on the new job, and lots of good luck! Look forward to seeing more photos of the area – it looks pretty calm and peaceful around there. By the way, my phone is pretty dumb too! ;-)

  9. Congrats. for your office job. Your office building looks grand. I enjoy my visit to your town without visa passport or plane. Very economical instantaneous and exciting! Ha Ha!

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  12. I rather resented this business of changing the challenge to a phone camera (I ignored that bit, too)!
    Wishing you LOADS of luck in your new job and neighborhood. My plans to head north seem to be (once again) on hold for the time being. What’s with that, anyway?

  13. My phone is one of the first one with camera and isn’t impressive at all
    – besides I’m really not good to use this not so good phone-camera… “lol”

    I likes your photos… ;-)

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